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Interior Define Showroom

Upon entering Interior Define's showroom, Jackie and Steve were struck with the clean lines and comfortable-looking seating of the pieces on display. The colors tend toward neutrals that work well with each other and with most color schemes. There are also many sizes to choose from, and it's easy to find pieces that would work in spaces from smaller apartments to large homes.
The six-month old company, which sells from its website  and through its flagship Chicago retail location, launched operations following in the footsteps of such companies as Bonobos Guideshops and Warby Parker Stores. Similar to these brands, Interior Define enables customers to touch and feel products before purchasing online, which cuts out the middleman and reduces cost to the consumer.

Sloan Chair, a piece that would look good anywhere

We talked with Rob Royer and Steve McClearn about their image for the company, and were very impressed. Rob worked at Bonobos, and took the idea of an online product to furniture. Interior Define does a number of things right in providing high quality furniture at an affordable price point.
We learned that, "The company produces designs directly with manufacturing partners, and sells to consumers online and from its flagship showroom in Chicago. Its initial product line consists of sofas and sectionals, the centerpiece of consumers’ living rooms. The company makes each piece on demand; eliminating the inventory and warehousing expenses shouldered by the typical furniture retailer; enabling compelling price points and unique customization options." 

Hughes Sectional

The customization feature is a great option. If a customer wants a couch a few inches wider or shorter than the website specs, this can usually be done without extra cost. This allows buyers to specify exactly what they want for their space. The pieces are typically between $800 and about $3,000. At the moment, most have fabric options. The Rose couch starts at $1500, and can easily be be the focal point of a contemporary apartment.


Rose Couch

Interior Define’s customers and the investment community are taking note of the company’s offerings and business model. Since its launch, it has recorded month-over-month sales growth of more than 20 percent, instrumental in the company’s recent $1 million seed round of financing. Interior Define’s Board of Directors include Bonobos founder and CEO Andy Dunn, and Clint Peterson of Peterson Ventures, both of whom reinvested in this round, as well as Brendan Wallace, founder and former CEO of Identified.


This round of financing is intended to help raise awareness of the Interior Define brand, primarily through promotion of its new collaboration platform including The Everygirl and Alison Victoria.
Interior Define Contact Information

Interior Define Website

The Showroom: 2027 W. North Ave., Chicago, Il 60647

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