Betsey Johnson at Sunset Gower - Tight Worked Tulle Frenzy for Betsey Johnson Melrose Fall 2012 Weekend Kick-Off

Betsey Johnson classic staple

I've seen that leg work before....on me..

Such high, rushed excitement tuning up an upbeat energy to commence an entire weekend of fashion brought together by the sunglass, leather boot studded, tongue-turned-down Mikey Koffman, who wastes no shame in being a hands-on producer of LA Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios. Betsey was repped by crowd spirit, bringing in their fresh purchases exclusively for the show or else adding their own combinational flair of the street luxe brand to Friday evening's long awaited event, starting at 6pm. Betsey Johnson rocks Fall 2012 at Sunset Gower Studios on March 16, 2012 with floral and tulle skirting with satin finishes to represent the eclectic line of Betsey Johnson's exponentially expanding name and style.


Tousled waves and dangles add elemental stamina

On the exclamative runway, Hollywood party glam enticed lingerie reminiscent accents to confidently saunter past an exuberant applause-ridden performance. Stylizations complete in complex trending of tulle skirting and thigh high rose socks shaping legs rising out of stacked platform wedges and pumps, magenta is designated driver of color this season, as it cascaded its colorade across numerous lines at Fashion Week LA. Betsey Johnson Melrose in particular chose a waterfall rouched, vintage cut party dress. Spikes and sparkle backed up satin crescent cut overlay on tulle underskirt for a number revamping Betsey’s traditional party hop style while a Bo Peep form-fit long sleeve periwinkle blue jacket with brassiere lace-up was missing only the staff for a story book ending.

Fall? or late Spring?

Champagne pink lace cropped cardigan

Lace pink micro waist cinching top was a gorgeous piece, unfortunately clashing with rose on black slacks tying up the runway for a misfire in an otherwise perfect world on a perfect runway.

Show off bringing it Betsey style

Official beauty partners, Napoleon Perdis and LiQWD Professional Haircare stationed themselves as forefront running sponsors of Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower with beauty bars set up for touch-ups. A packed crowd side swiped cards and elbows around the set tent, complete with white leather couched lounges and high top tables.

Salsalita halter dress catwalk

Endless streaming open bar by Little Black Dress Vodka, Chambord Liqueur, Pharrell William's Qream, around with Diabolo Natural Soda. Zenify brought tight representation in catholic church shot glass flavor samples of its stevia and natural flavor infused new line. Primo Beer and AguaCon Water drove a quenching thirst for a party in stride with founder of The Gallery L.A. and L.A. Fashion Weekend Producer Mikey Koffman’s fashion business attitude – who came back for a solid year turning out fashion industry’s finest night after night.

SKINEEZ Skincarewear stuffed gift bags, along with think thin and Napoleon Perdis for two rows of bags each night.

Official after parties was held, again – and again – and again - after each show, at Mondrian's SkyBar, known as one of Hollywood's most sophisticated bars and nightspots, featuring an open bar (Little Black Dress). It was perfect. There was a documentary on fashion and culture - in the works since 2010, shooting footage, Mikey herself, and DJs along with designers, trendsetters, photographers, fashionistas. Did I miss anyone?! Be there next season - tune into KTLA 5 to see it live!

Vibrant shades of floral floating atop jet black tulle and charcoal tights

Photography courtesy of Winston Burris.

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